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    I’ll admit straight up, I was obese for most of my life. Being body
    shammed and having gone through rough strings of battling depression, i
    t’s fair to say life was far from what any girl could’ve wanted.

    One day I came across myself in the mirror and realized it's time I got my
    life back on track.
    A close friend of mine came to my rescue a time when I felt I was a lost cause.
    One of her advice's came in the form of yoga, something I was highly
    skeptical but I decided giving it a go wouldn’t be a bad idea.
    Looking back today, I know I've made the best decision in my life!

    I’ll reveal there were times I felt like giving up, but somehow with some
    luck and support, I was able to come across. Soon enough, I
    managed to get into perhaps the best shape of my life and started
    living a healthier and meaningful life!

    Seeing how the world is on a path to a problem I can relate so closely
    to myself, I came up with Namasto. This place which I refer to as my
    "Home" is the place where people who needs  direction and the
    right push in their lives to get back on track.

    I decided to dedicate my life to spread the joy that Yoga has brought 
    in to my life.
    So I collect and design all kinds of Yoga items and accessories and
    sell them in affordable prices so you can enjoy.

    Hope you will enjoy visiting my store :)
    Please contact us if you are looking for anything in particular.

    Sarah & Namasto Team